Vulnerability Assessments

For organizations seeking to reduce their security risk, a vulnerability assessment is a good start. A regular assessment program assists organizations with managing their risk and identifying and scoring vulnerabilities.

SCADA Security Testing

The critical infrastructure which are operated using SCADA systems will be tested to ensure that these are protected from external threats and by ensuring that the infrastructure is not affected by the testing process.

PCI Penetration Testing

Votz Communications performs PCI penetration testing on your infrastructure which helps in assessing the effectiveness of your security controls  and further ensures the protection of your Cardholder Data environment.

Security Testing – Above & Beyond
ICS Security Testing

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) penetration testing services enable you to find vulnerabilities in your environment. We identify the systems in your environment and explore the vulnerabilities that may be present with the help of our Team of Ethical Hackers.

Wireless Penetration Testing

In Wireless Attack & Penetration test, Votz Communications will help in identifying vulnerabilities, evaluating the risk of unauthorized access to your network and offer advice for hardening and remediation. Votz Communications will identify and inventory wireless access points whose signal can be received at the Targeted Locations, whether physically located at or nearby the Targeted Locations. Additionally, the wireless signal leakage will be mapped to determine the amount of bleed-over outside the Targeted Locations.

Social Engineering Tests

Votz Communications testing method helps employers to evaluate how an employee could easily break the security rules and exploit highly sensitive information. We assist them to getting a better understanding of how successful their security training is and how the organization stacks up, security-wise, in comparison to their peers.

Firewall Security Reviews

Votz Communications identifies the vulnerabilities in the Firewall by reviewing the configuration of the Firewall and its Security Policy. This will further enable you to identify the vulnerabilities in your network and change the policies accordingly to improve your security posture.

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