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Infrastructure Upgrades

Is your network an asset or liability? An appropriately upgraded network infrastructure can become the heart of what makes your business stronger, faster and more successful. Conversely, an aging, improperly managed network can quickly and acutely become a business’ greatest liability. Many of our clients contact us because they intuitively know their network needs some help. Some of the main concerns they voice to us are security, mobility, aging equipment and a network that is maxed out/under performing. Basically, they know it’s a mess they just may not have the tech savvy or time to verbalize it and create a strategic plan for remediation. With today’s rapid-fire technology changing environment, small to medium sized businesses can feel like their network is on constant refresh. The simple fact is, all businesses need more bandwidth, mobility, security and automation to continue to be competitive. Studies show that enterprises that focus on network upgrades and security are more successful at their operations. Votz Communications will partner with your team to champion necessary upgrades and determine how IT services will be used by the business over the life of the network.

Cloud Migrations

Thinking of moving to the cloud? Cloud computing. Seems like everyone’s moving that direction. But, is it the right move for your business? Our team of experts can help you make that decision. And if the decision is made to migrate data and applications from on-premise to the cloud, we can help with that too. Choosing the right cloud platform (Amazon AWS, Azure, etc.), ensuring licensing compatibility, staging of the cloud environment, migration of the environment and testing is all taken care of by our team of certified experts.

Increased Agility

Traditionally, small to medium sized businesses have been challenged with a growing business that results in a growing information infrastructure. Hardware and server procurement and configuration can sometimes be costly and unnecessary depending on the structure of the business. The cloud offers many benefits including increased agility and speed, operational efficiency, security, bundled services, higher resource availability and, at large volumes, cost savings. Votz  Communicanations ensure that the migration from on-premise storage and application to the cloud proceeds seamlessly and without disrupting day-to-day operations. We’re also here to make sure that our clients utilize all the benefits of the migration.

Regulation Compliance

For businesses that are under HIPAA or PCI compliance regulations, advance planning and appropriate implementation ensure these types of clients are well prepared for any auditing once the cloud computing platform is in place. IP traffic history, user tracking data, threat detection, security intrusion attempts – any one of these data strings could have deep implications to a business and correctly analyzing and quantifying this data can be intimidating. Luckily, we have all that taken care of for you to ensure when it comes to compliance, you’ll have all the documentation you need.

Server  Migrations

Don’t Stress, Server migrations don’t have to be a stressful event. We understand aging or obsolete servers need to be politely decommissioned without data loss and or costly downtime. The team of experts here at Votz Communications approaches each server migration with the individual attention our clients deserve. Why should a business migrate to a new server? There are a plethora of reasons but the most common we hear or advise are existing hosting is on internal servers that are maxed out, provided by a third party that no longer suits the company’s needs or is located offshore or isn’t scalable to the client’s needs and the client needs more control. As Kenya’s preferred provider we can ensure challenges associated with a server migration, no matter how small or large, are mitigated. We ensure data consistency, checking for compatibility of new versions of applications and new hosting environments, changes that may depend on externally hosted DNS and avoiding human error. We will propose a full server migration plan to map out many possible scenarios as well as mitigation plans for any adverse scenarios that may arise. Once migration begins the team at Votz Communications will immediately begin auditing and validating the new host. We also work with our customers to deliver after working hours migration so as not to disrupt their operational flow.

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