Learning and development is an integral part of a growing organization as it propels the growth. We strongly believe that training the teams is not just important but an integral part of today’s growth-oriented environment. At a time when new tools and technologies are growing at the speed of light, it is imperative for an organization to invest in up skilling and cross-training their existing staff. Being one of the boutique organizations working on niche technology areas, Votz Communications Ltd is well aware of the challenges involved and brings to table the expertise and guidance of consultants with decades of experience in Information Technology and training. We offer tailored training programmes that meet the learning and development goals of an organization. We conduct both publicly hosted as well as in-house training programmes. Some of our popular training programmes include:

(i) Management System Awareness
Management System Awareness Programme for employees – The organizations that are certified to ISO management system standards are required to ensure organization wide awareness of the implemented standards. Often conducting such awareness on a regular basis becomes a difficult job due to unavailability of an internal trainer and the training content. Moreover the effectiveness of such trainings conducted by internal trainers cannot be assured since these trainers lack the exposure to practices followed by other organizations related to such standards.

(ii) Information Security Awareness
Your employees aren’t a security problem. They’re part of the solution. Educate and empower your employees to beat the cyber threats they face with Votz Communications Security awareness & anti-phishing training. One of the greatest threats to information security could actually come from within your company or organization. Inside ‘attacks’ have been noted to be some of the most dangerous since these people are already quite familiar with the infrastructure. It is not always disgruntled workers and corporate spies who are a threat. Often, it is the non-malicious, uninformed employee.

 (iii) Product Knowledge
You cannot sell what you don’t know. Enterprises loose a lot of revenue from employees with little knowledge about the products they sell. The sales person is the face of the company they represent and the front line person whose understating of the products they sell determines how much volumes the company is able to move. Little product knowledge means less convincing powers which places the customer at an upper hand to reject or negotiate discounts. It also translates to more time closing a deal, less sales and low revenue. Votz Communications derives this exposure from its consulting services and have competent and experienced trainers on board that are capable of delivering highly effective trainings. We conduct awareness trainings that are customized to suit our customer’s environment and type of business.

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