Network Design & Implementation

Security isn’t for the faint of heart. But it doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s clear that conventional defenses were not built for today’s workplace – mobile workers, branch offices, and an ever-expanding network perimeter. It’s time to look for new ways to enhance your digital security without spending excessively or overburdening your staff.

What’s the solution to the never-ending parade of security headaches? Going back to basics – with security that’s built into the foundation of the internet. Votz Communications Network Services deliver intelligent, end-to-end network infrastructures that allow organizations – regardless of their size – to support business objectives and manage IT investments.  Our expert services combine the entire lifecycle of our clients’ extensible local and wide area network and are designed to maximize availability, performance, and agility.

Through alliances with the leaders in the industry we leverage emerging advances in wireless, IP convergence, security, and intelligent networking to deliver best-of-breed solutions. We conduct comprehensive network assessments (analyze existing networks, protocols, wired and wireless configurations, and develop blueprints, etc.) to identify performance, interoperability and connectivity requirements and ensure ease of use.  We provide implementation planning, detailed logical and physical network design, rapid deployment and network rollout, product installation and customization and operational services for network and cabling infrastructures.  We help businesses securely converge data, enable intelligent network infrastructures; and deploy mobility solutions by exploiting technologies such as virtual private networking (VPN), fiber optic networking, content delivery networks, storage networking, and wireless.

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