Network Penetration Testing

Network penetration testing involves the process of testing a network to find out the vulnerabilities that could exploit critical data in that network. The benefit of penetration testing in every organization is to know to what extent the system can be compromised before the attack is identified and also assess the response mechanism. At Votz Communications, we provide comprehensive security testing and IT security assessments for your organization and which is based on the industry standards and compliance requirements such as OSSTMM, OWASP, PCI DSS, NIS and many more.

Why Network Penetration Testing?

  • Protection of sensitive data.
  • Secure an organizations network.
  • The network infrastructure, service, and data are crucial personal and business assets.

Penetration Testing approach

  • Information gathering & Network Discovery

We gather information such as Active Hosts, Active Services, Insecure Services, Fingerprinting the Operating System, Services and links and internet surfing related to this, etc.Scanning and enumeration.This process involves port scanning, service detection, and OS fingerprints.

  • Gaining access

Gaining access involves vulnerability assessment and exploiting.

  • Remedial Action Identification

In this phase, our security analysts prepare the remedial actions for the threats and vulnerabilities discovered in the previous phases.

  • Collecting proof of concept

A detailed report is submitted about the process which we had conducted. It includes screenshots of the process.

  • Re-testing

-Network penetration testing approach.

-External network penetration testing.

It is to reveal the presence of known vulnerabilities that could be exploited by an attacker from the external perimeter of the network, usually from the internet. Internal network penetration testing. An internal network security assessment follows a similar technique to external assessment but with a more complete view of the internal network security. Testing will be performed from internal network of the organization which includes devices like servers, router, firewall, workstation etc

Network penetration testing approach
Our process includes:-

  • Black box testing

The testing is conducted without the knowledge of infrastructure. It is similar to real life hacking and it could take a long time.

  • White box testing

The testing is conducted with the knowledge of infrastructure. Here the errors can be spotted easily.

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