Managed IT Services

Stop the Fires, For Good

We get it – your business has outgrown its current IT management strategy. When in-house IT seems to be focused solely on putting out fires and managing your business’s own IT services is slowing you down and crippling your team’s productivity, it’s time to consider Managed IT Services. Votz Communications takes the reactive nature of many small to medium sized business IT environments and provides proactive, strategical and affordable management of your network. Our team of experts can solve your business IT issues reliably, expertly and efficiently. The nature of Managed IT Services allows small to medium sized businesses to view their IT environment strategically instead of tactically. This change in perspective can help your business perform more efficiently and open opportunity for growth.

What does Managed IT Services mean?

For most it means having a team of IT professionals and experts taking care of your computers every day. It means if you have a simple issue – we fix it. It means if you have a complex issue – we fix it. It means your data is backed up daily. And by daily we mean every 15 minutes. It means if your entire system crashes or your building burns down, all your data, all your information, all your files and passwords, literally everything you need to continue functioning from a technology stand point is safe and recoverable. It also means you’ve ensured a team of support professionals already has a plan in place for this very scenario and will work with your team to execute a recovery immediately.

Managed IT Services also means your business won’t be caught off guard by unforeseen expenses often caused by an aging infrastructure. We provide network assessments and quarterly site meetings to review the status of your businesses network so you can plan accordingly. Managed IT by Votz Communications translates into strategic control of IT expenses year after year.

Allow Votz Communications to monitor your network with our Managed IT Services. We identify and resolve potential problems before they cause downtime. In addition, you have the comfort of knowing that we are also performing critical preventative maintenance that will keep your business online and secure – all at a predictable cost. No matter your company’s need, we have the right solution and expertise to take on your project.

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