IT Outsourcing

The question mostly asked is why should I outsource When my in-house is doing the job just fine? And We’re Really Simple Here…
There are many reasons Kenyan businesses are choosing to outsource their IT needs. Often the main reason is the business has grown to the point that the in-house team isn’t able to keep up – which is a great thing! And trust us, nothing about technology is simple. So why should you outsource?

  • Reduced Cost

Staffing internal IT can be very costly and from multiple perspectives. It can also be very costly to the business when the technician takes time off work for vacation, illness or other reasons. The expertise and management of the network is limited by the employees own skills set and can be markedly influenced by the employees personal buying behaviors when charged with equipment procurement. Savings upfront typically result in decreased equipment performance and increased troubleshooting time. Companies basically pay more to maintain the cheap equipment that the entry level technician bought. Many small to medium sized businesses attempt to save money by hiring a family member or friend of a staff member. This can be extremely costly, and stressful, when problems arise and the resources and personal relationship prohibit candid and thoughtful business decisions.

  • Expertise and Experience

Outsourcing IT needs to a managed services entity ensures the business has access to the entire IT team skills set. At Votz Communications, our technicians have undergone rigorous training and testing to ensure they meet the skills and requirements to troubleshoot PC’s and networks. We also have a team of degreed, network and applications engineers on staff to handle even the most complex problem. Different businesses have different needs and our focus is on ensuring all our clients receive the resolution to issues and needs in a timely, efficient and accurate manner.

  •  Peace of Mind

Data backup, storage and recovery are essential to the peace of mind of all our clients. The question is not if but when a network will experience an outage. The ever changing and complex tech security environment requires a team of educated experts to manage it. Our disaster recovery plan includes simulated catastrophe and restoration biannually. All simulations are followed with a summary and meeting so the client can view the results and rest easy knowing a plan is in place should a tangible event occur.

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