Vulnerability Assessments

A Plan for Defense

At Votz Communications all our Managed IT Services clients networks are put through a rigorous vulnerability assessment prior to and during the on-boarding process. This allows our engineers and technicians to create the strongest perimeter and internal defense structure possible to protect our client’s data. All vulnerability assessments are reviewed in detail with the business owner or internal IT support staff to create a strategic and structured plan for defense.
We also understand that the vulnerability of our client’s network doesn’t stop at the door to their business. Gone are the days of 9 AM to 5 PM office schedule. People work everywhere via portable and mobile devices and the security of the network needs to follow these devices once they leave the sanctuary of the physical building. Votz Communications is able to create and implement a network security plan structured to fit the needs of all our clients. Our solutions are designed to constantly monitor our client’s perimeter and internal defenses for possible attacks and breaches. If an attack or breach is suspected, our systems create an alert ticket so that one of our highly skilled technicians can immediately assess the concern and address needs as they arise.

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