Penetration Testing

We are experts in web application security assessment  and are committed to helping you to identify the vulnerabilities in your web application and assisting you in creating safe and secure applications.

Our Approach

  • Blackbox Penetration Testing

The team of experts think out of the box and perform BlackBox Penetration Testing based on their practical expertise and knowledge. They utilize all possible options to emulate the methodology followed by potential hackers.

  • Grey Box Penetration Testing

Identify the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your applications before the hackers can find and exploit them and provide a more focused and efficient assessment of a network’s security.

  • Advanced Penetration Testing

Advanced Penetration Testing goes beyond Kali Linux and Metasploit and it aims at providing advanced Penetration Testing for the critical network which requires higher security. Votz Communications goal for Advanced Penetration Testing is to demonstrate the existence of known vulnerabilities that could be exploited by an attacker as they appear from outside the perimeter of such networks.

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